Professional Headshots | Milwaukee Wisconsin | Sarah and Paul

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So, funny story... I have actually known Sarah and Paul for the past year. However, we just became good friends about 3 months ago.

I put an add out on the Bay View Facebook page offering up my photography last year. Sarah and Paul responded looking for a photographer for their new home announcement. 

We met at their beautiful condo on the lake and spent our time walking, talking and realizing we all had in common. Sounds like a date, I know. I thought to myself, how do we be come friends? How do you become friends with someone as an adult? I felt a bit awkward, so I said thank you, and then delivered the photos about two weeks later. Never mentioning, "we should hang out". 

Flash forward 10 months. 

I was at Brew Fitness, my new gym, for their holiday party. I see Sarah and Paul there. Sarah and I exchange glances, several times. Then it dawned on me how I knew them, "Lindsay, you took their housewarming picture". I went over and reintroduced myself. We laughed about the awakardness and how you become friends as adults. Little did I know, they wanted to hang out as well but had no idea how to ask as well.

Now we are friends, and have gone to Bucks games, Milwaukee Art Museum After Dark, and hiking the Ice Age Trail. Gosh, I love Smallwaukee!

Recently, they asked me to take their headshots to update their Linked profiles. Check out their amazing photos below, we even snuck in a quick couples session with the Milwaukee Skyline!

A professional headshot taken in Milwaukee Wisconsin in The Third WardLinkedinHeadshot-Milwaukee-Professional-resumebuilder-resume Professional headshot for Linkedin taken in Milwaukee Wisconsin in the Third WardProfessional-candid-Linkedin-Career-Photography-Professionalphotographer-profile  
Linkedin Profile professional photography headshot taken in Milwaukee WisconsinProfessional-Headshot-Milwaukee-Career-Linkedin-Profile-Milwaukee-Wisconsin-Photography Professional Linkedin Profile Headshot taken in Milwaukee Wisconsin Walkers PointMilwaukee-photographer-linkedin-career-photo-professionalheadshot  
Skyline engagement session in Milwaukee WisconsinMilwaukee-Engaged-Couples-Wisconsin-Photographer-WeddingPhotographer Engaged couple laughing in front of Milwaukee SkylineSkyline-Wisconsin-Milwaukee-Engagement-Engagementphotographer-Weddingphotographer-Candid-Laughter  





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