fête of Wales | New Wisconsin Wedding Venue | Interview with Katie Heltemes

May 29, 2019

fête, (pronounced fate), is the newest wedding venue in South Eastern Wisconsin. Located in Wales, fête hosts a bright airy feel in the hall with dreamy and charming surrounding scenery of established oak trees, lush meadow and prairie grasses all overlooking the stunning pond.

"fête will offers premier, one-of-a-kind space suited for weddings, corporate events, private parties, community activities, and other social outings. Our clients and their guests will feel at ease" -- feteofwales.com

fête of WalesThe Stunning fête of Wales from the entrance

Born out of our own frustration planning their weddings, native of Wales, fête owners Katie, Nicole, Nick and Steve discussed every detail prior to starting the build.

"We took a lot of advice from people. We have seen the fruits from that. It was a lot of legwork upfront, and took more time. However, it really was able to allow us to make it our own and really." Said Katie Absolutely nothing seems to go with out thought and careful planning. "Almost everyone who has come through says 'Wow, you have put a lot of thought into this'. Because each doorway is placed just so, with access to specific rooms help maximize flow. We looked over the floor plans for hours and talked it all out."

Once they settled on floor plans, Nick and Steve started swinging their hammers and jumped right in. Not only are they owners, but they have had a hand in building fête. 

Floor plan for fêteFloor plan for fête of Wales, a birds eye view of the inner workings.

Interview with Owner, Katie Heltemes:

How did fête come to be?

It was Nick and Steve's idea to build fête. We felt nickel and dimed for every penny of our budget and we wanted to give couples a better experience than we had. Ultimately, we saw the need based on our own wedding planning, and there was not much for venues in Wales. 

When we got married, we had to compromise on aesthetic or location.

View of bar and balcony.Floor plan for up to 250 guests More of the ceiling viewLook at those beams!

How long have you been in the events or wedding industry?

We (Katie, Nicole, Nick and Steve) are new to event industry. However, with a variety of backgrounds, Speech Language Pathologist, and the others varying in the Healthcare and Emergency services field we have all had experience working in crisis management. We are all used to life or death situations, so, we feel like we can handle events and weddings.

View from the balconyGuests can eat on the balcony or have a birds eye view of the party.

What is your favorite thing about weddings?

Being able to be with people you care about. When it comes down to everything, it is the two of you. Anything beyond that it doesn't really matter. I love seeing all the memories being made.

I also enjoy seeing all of the people come together and thinking , WOW! When will this happen again? Because so many people travel from so far away to be here to celebrate. Will this ever happen again?

Because, ultimately, it's the small things during your day, like having everyone you love under one roof. 

Another view from the balconyLook at those Chandeliers!

What is your best piece of advice for couples?

We don't want couples to get so caught up in the small details, we wants couples to be sure to see the big picture. I suggest to remember to sit back, soak it in and enjoy, The planning process can be just as fun or successful as your wedding.

Try to appreciate the big picture of what is happening and not get lost in the details. It helped us appreciate our wedding and really enjoy the moments.

Wedding Party Suite 1Bathroom, shower, couch, table and all the amenities you need to prep for the big day!

Wedding Party Suite 2Bathroom, shower, billiards, bar and all the amenities you need to prep for the big day!

If someone wanted to build an event venue, what advice can you give them? 

Don't rush. Rely on experts. Don't think you know everything. We relied on a lot of people in the wedding and event industry. Ask questions. Budgets are not unlimited, so see your version with in reason. 



See more on their web page: feteofwhales.co

Rental includes:
  • Access to the venue & surrounding grounds
  • Stunning photo backgrounds throughout property
  • Separate suites for on-site preparation
  • Indoor & outdoor ceremony options
  • Set-up & take-down of ceremony chairs
  • Optional cocktail bar service prior to a dinner service
  • Tables & chairs for up to 350 reception guests (240 lower level & 110 mezzanine)
  • 38ft full service bar
  • Use of outdoor deck overlooking the pond
  • Handicap-accessible
  • Coat storage
  • Heat & A/C
  • Assorted yard games
  • Paved parking with lighting
  • Spaces for vendors to stage & prep


Off-Peak Pricing (October-April

Friday $4,020

Saturday $4,760

Sunday $3,700

Monday-Thursday $2,640

Peak Pricing (May-September) 

Friday $4,400 

Saturday $5,280

Sunday $4,230

Monday-Thursday $3,170



Stunning Staircase to the balcony.They have two staircases, one on each side leading up to the balcony, excellent for photos! Bags for your guestsBags sets for your guests to play indoor or outdoor.

Back Patio spaceA back Patio space overlooking the pond. Those tables are fire places to keep your guests warm!