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2 Most Common Questions for Family Photos and Mini Sessions

1. Where are we taking the photos?

At home - Let's get comfy! Maybe a PJ Party is in order for baking cookies, or popping popcorn? Activities are always great!

Your backyard- One we get the group shots that you are looking for, let's let the kids be kids! How about they play on the playground, or jump in the leaves. Lets have some fun and enjoy the day!

At the park - Check the past weather forecast, was it raining, be ready, it might be muddy. Pack bug spray too, those pesky mosquitos might be out in full force. 

2. What are the best clothing choices?

- Let's keep patterns to a minimum. Interdesperse patterns among solids. Patterns are great accents, but we don't want all patterns in the photos. Also, if we are in nature, maybe avoid dark browns, greens and too many tree like earth tones.

- If the kids are having a fit about what you want them to wear, maybe let them wear what they want! Check out the photo below for laughter and to remember to let kids be kids!

A candid family photo taken at a mini session in family homeFamilyphotography-Family-Photos-Professional-Chewbaca-Smiles-Familysmiles-ProfessionalFamilyPhotos-Candid-Real-Lifestyle-Inhome-Minisession-kiddos-children-kids

An example of coordinating colors and patterns for outfits...

Let your kiddos have fun during family photographs, do whatever it takes to make them smile!Upside-down-kiddos-home-minisession-milwaukee-photographer-wisconsin-family-photos-whattowear

Family photo of kid jumping in parkMilwaukee-Family-Photographer-Familyphotographer-Professional
Milwaukee Family Professional Photographer Captures Ball in MotionMilwaukee-FamilyPhotographer-Family-Photo-Professional-Wisconsin Milwaukee Family Professional Photographer Captures Ball in Motion Watch Out!Milwaukee-Wisconsin-Professionalphotographer-Photographer-FamilyPhotographer-Family-Photo-Kiddos-Ball



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