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I don't know how to prepare for our session...

Never fear! There are some great tips, tricks below. 

You be you, and I will be me, that's where the magic happens.

How to prepare:

  • Make sure you are fed and hydrated beforehand! Drink plenty of water in the 24 hours beforehand and please don’t arrive hungry. Feel free to bring snacks if you think you will need them.
  • Make sure the clothes you bring are pressed, not wrinkled, and aren’t covered in lint/pet hair.
  • As much as you can, try to have a pleasant day so you arrive in a good mood, getting along, ready for fun!  
  • if you are nervous/feel awkward and you do happen to drink, sometimes it's helpful to have a small amount of alcohol beforehand to calm yourself! Just don’t overdo it haha.

A candid family photo taken at a mini session in family homeFamilyphotography-Family-Photos-Professional-Chewbaca-Smiles-Familysmiles-ProfessionalFamilyPhotos-Candid-Real-Lifestyle-Inhome-Minisession-kiddos-children-kids

What to wear:

  • Wear clothes that make you feel confident/beautiful
  • Wear clothes that feel like YOU.
  • Neutrals and richer jewel tones work best
  • Avoid anything really bright. Ex: bright turquoise, bright pink, bright green, bright teal, bright yellow - Instead wear deep teal, army greens, deep burgundy/deep reds, mustard yellows, burnt oranges, blacks, grays, browns, softer creamier neutrals, etc
  • Solids are usually better, but some patterns can be ok. Avoid really tight/contrasted patterned lines that create a swirly moire effect in digital cameras. Men’s button up shirts often have tiny patterns/stripes that do this. 
  • Take the location into consideration. Think about the colors of the location and the season and wear outfits that blend well with those colors! 
  • Texture and layers add dimension! Like denim/leather jackets, jewelry, scarves (not too bulky).
  • If there are parts of your body you don’t love, don’t show them off! IE: don’t wear something sleeveless if you feel self conscious about your upper arms, etc!
  • Bring options! Have a favorite, but it's always good to bring backups in case something isn’t working well in front of the camera. Sometimes things look awesome in person but don’t photograph well, if that’s the case I’ll have you quickly change into a backup! I do have a pop up tent that is great for on the go changing.
  • Double check you have the right undergarments! Make sure you wear the right bras and the right undershirts that don’t show.


Some examples of coordinating colors and patterns for outfits...

Let your kiddos have fun during family photographs, do whatever it takes to make them smile!Upside-down-kiddos-home-minisession-milwaukee-photographer-wisconsin-family-photos-whattowear

Let your kids wear what they want, if they don't let it go! You never know what shot you will get.Children-Family-Kiddos-Photography-Milwaukee-Wisconsin-Girl-Child  
Let your kids wear what they want, if they don't let it go! You never know what shot you will get.Children-Family-Kiddos-Photography-Milwaukee-Wisconsin-Girl-Child
Milwaukee Family Professional PhotographerMilwaukee-FamilyPhotographer-Family-Photo-Professional-Wisconsin


What to bring:

  • Your outfits, plus a few backup items just in case. Don't overthink it!
  • Footwear that is cute but you can walk in, you can always change if needed
  • Cute jackets if it’s cold
  • Makeup for touch ups, specifically lipstick and face-makeup: coverup if it’s cold and your nose turns red, or something to make you less shiny if it’s hot!
  • Hairbrush and hairspray or gel.
  • Lint roller
  • Water/beverages/sacks if needed


Milwaukee Family Professional PhotographerMilwaukee-FamilyPhotographer-Family-Photo-Professional-Wisconsin

Milwaukee Family Professional PhotographerMilwaukee-FamilyPhotographer-Family-Photo-Professional-Wisconsin




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