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Wedding Planning Checklist


This blog is to assist in planning your wedding from Today, up until your wedding day. Bonus item at the very bottom is a Day Of and After Wedding Packing and Checklist.


Remember, as you continue planning, I am here to help wherever and however I can. Being part of over 300 weddings in various capacities, I can play devils advocate for any situation or come up with new ideas that suit you as a couple.


Truly, I hope this helps you keep organized. If you need a PDF copy for printing, just let me know - [email protected]





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A minimum of 9 months out do you want to have all of your FAVORITE vendors solidified. Most small vendors are a one person or small operation. Therefore, dates get eaten up fast! Clients book anywhere from 6-24 months in advance of their wedding day. 


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You want your Saved The Dates out 6 months in advance and your invites out 3 months in advance. Remember to set your RSVP 30 days out so you have plenty of time to track down those no responses. All vendors that need a guest list will need to know a minimum of 2 weeks or 14 days from your wedding in order to ensure enough food and supplies are present for your day!


12 Month Wedding Planning Checklist 1


Schedule some alone time with your new spouse/partner. There is very little time alone on your wedding day and going for a walk, or making out in the alley should be part of your time. Heck, don't even ask your photographer to follow. 

I always suggest this to couples because Brian, on our wedding day, noticed I was very very overwhelmed and asked me to step away from the party with him. We went and just sat in the Green Room at Anodyne to breathe before the larger portion of the night started. If we wouldn't have done that, we wouldn't have seen each other the rest of the night. I was off entertaining my portion of the guests and he was off entertaining his. 

So, be sure to spend time alone together at some point. Need more tips on making this happen, ask! I am here to help :)


Day of Wedding Checklist/Packing



It truly means the world to hear from our couples. Our biggest piece of marketing is YOU, so thank you in advance.

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