The Gage | Wedding Photo Locations Around West Allis, Wisconsin

May 17, 2021

The Gage in West Allis - Wedding Photo Location Suggestions


"A gage is an item deposited as a sign of good faith, and, just like it's namesake, you can have full faith that your event will be nothing less than remarkable." --


Congratulations on finding your perfect Wedding Venue with The Gage! I know you will not be disappointed with your experience with the staff.


When I met Nina and Ashley while The Gage was still under construction (Check out my BLOG POST HERE), their biggest concern "where do we send couples to take photos? We are not photographers... what are some hidden gems...!" Well, I am here to help!


Please check out my Google Map for some hidden gems and sample locations within 15 min of The Gage. And check out some of my sample work at my main page:


I would love to talk with you more about all of your wedding day photo needs! Let's do this!


Elbow Bump,




Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding Photo

Wedding Photo outside of Milwaukee Art Museum - 15 min drive from The Gage Hoan Bridge Milwaukee Wedding Photography

Wedding Photo Under the Hoan Bridge - 10-15 min drive from The Gage


Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Wedding Photo Milwaukee Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photo Inside the American Family Insurance Field - 7-10 min drive from The Gage

Contact for BallPark Photos - Inside